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This site was designed to help those of you interested in hiring a magician in Pennsylvania with suggestions, tips, and reccomendations. Not all magicians in Pennsylvania perform full time professionally and there are some imporant things to consider and ask when speaking with someone you might hire.

There is a collection of reviews and testimonials for the busiest magician in Pennsylvania, Eddy Ray. Read more by browsing the site and using the above navigation menu.

This site is partnered with CertifiedMagicProfessionals.com and the Certified Magicians Network. A simple star rating is used for review.


Criteria that must be met for acceptance into The Certified Magicians Network:

1. A personal interview with our staff at The Certified Magicians Network to determine performance experience in children’s shows, family shows, and adult events. Magicians may be accepted in one or more categories depending on past performance experience.

2. Proof of show quality and performance experience. Each potential candidate must submit video of LIVE performances in the show categories in which they are seeking acceptance. Videos are then judged based on entertainment value of performance, audience reactions, and professionalism.

3. Past/Present Client Feedback: Upon meeting the above requirements, the Magician candidate must provide actual client information which will be used to gain reviews on his/her actual performances/business practices. The Certified Magicians Network will conduct phone reviews with past clients and determine a pass/fail for the entertainer.

Upon meeting the above criteria, a Magician may be accepted for membership. Once accepted, periodic reviews are conducted and feedback is gathered on an ongoing basis to maintain a high quality standard of the performers we certify.

Certified Magic Professional Award

The certified magic professional award and certification was given out to only a select 40 magicians worldwide in 2002. The certification was given at a conference in Atlanta Georgia. It was given to magicians who show expertise in their field of magic shows and services.

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