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Read these 2 amazing reviews of Eddy Ray, the top ranked Allentown Magician.

Here Are Just 2 Quick Reviews For The Recommended Allentown Magician Eddy Ray!

“Dear Mr. Ray, On behalf of the Bernville Area Community Library Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for a great performance at the library in October.  We were so pleased to have your program as part of the library’s 15th anniversary celebrations. Your magic tricks were marvelous.  Thank you also for providing a book signing opportunity afterwards. We appreciate your coming to Bernville.”

5stars– BetsyReifsnyder Board Secretary Bernville Library

“Our radio station has included and showcased the many talents of entertainer Eddy Ray many times over the past few years and Mr. Ray always provides our expos, live broadcasts and special event audiences with high-quality entertainment and magic. Mr. Ray’s pleasant personality is an asset to our public undertakings and wealways get very positive feedback when he is a part of any of our shows.  I can honestly very highly recommend Mr. Ray!  He will engage your guests or patrons.”

5stars– David L. Kline – General Manager WEEU Radio – Reading, Pennsylvania     Phone: (610) 376-7335 x 112




Hiring Tips – What To Ask The Potential Magician Upon Hiring

Hiring Tips For Finding A Great Magician:

  • Ask Questions. If you don’t ask questions you may not find the magician who is right for your event. Common questions to ask magicians are: Do you perform for kids and adults? Do you perform full time? Do you offer magic package options or just one type of performance?
  • Not every magician is the same. Some magicians have more experience, some magicians only perform for specific ages. Eddy Ray performs for both kids and adults by providing fun family magic shows.
  • Is the magic visual enough to be seen by a large audience? Whether your event is large or even small, it’s important that the magician can provide a professional show that can be seen and heard by all. Make sure they provide a sound system if necessary. If the audience can’t see or hear, the show will not leave a good impression on your guests.
  • Contact. Ready to book, or do you have questions about show offerings and pricing? It’s best to make contact with the potential magician early rather then last minute. Either way, make sure to contact the magician as they can help guide you along the way to making your event great.
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