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Bensalem, PA Magician Eddy Ray is highly recommended!

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“I would like to take this opportunity to “Thank You” on behalf of the first grade children at Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center. Your wonderful show was the highlight of the day for the children” 5stars– Teresa E. Lord, R.I.F. Coordinator

“I want to thank you for coming to the house and sharing your magic with us and our friends. Everyone enjoyed your magic and it really added a lot to our farewell party.” – Eric & Cindy Bergstrom5stars

“Eddy put on a fabulous show that was enjoyed by not only the 5 year olds, but the adults as well! Everyone is still wondering where the ketchup bottle went!” – Jane Wiedinmyer 5stars




Hiring Magicians in Bensalem Pennsylvania

It’s important to find a personable and experienced magician or entertainer for your event.
Hiring a magician for your event can be a tough decision and not an easy one. Hopefully these tips will help you in your search and decision making process. Remember, not everyone is a professional and there are some magicians and entertainers in general who don’t have the experience or understand of what it takes to help make an event fun and memorable.
1) Ask the entertainer if they can provide a list of testimonials from past clients. This will be the foundation in which you can decide if they might be the right magician for you. Some magicians in Bensalem can’t provide a testimonial list, so it’s probably safe to assume they don’t work professionally. Raving testimonials from clients should play a large part in determining who you are going to hire. There are many magicians who simply do not do enough performances to even have a list of testimonials.. so it’s best to steer clear of them.
2) Professionalism. We touched on this but keep in mind not all of the magicians perform full time and on a regular basis. That is fine but wouldn’t you feel more confident in hiring a professional for your party? You should expect high quality magic shows and service from a professional magician. They should be flexible and be able to provide all the information necessary to help make your event a success. Some companies work as agencies which is fine, but keep in mind they do usually have extra fees and/or higher fees! It’s usually much easier to get in contact with the magician or entertainer directly rather then talking to the middle man.
Eddy Ray, a local magician performs full time for children and families. This alone says that he is a professional; otherwise he wouldn’t last in the business. A lot of the time you’ll see magicians pop up and then literally disappear.. but why? Some aren’t good performing for children and others just don’t have time because they have a full time job in another profession. Stick with a professional and certified magician like Eddy Ray to make your job stress free, and your event memorable. You can’t go wrong with Eddy’s amazing magic, and professional service.
3) There are some entertainers and magicains who do a clown act that contains magic within it. This is ok but since the Clown does not specialize in magic, the actual “magic show” may lack in exciting and engaging routines that keep the kids interested. Some children also do have a fear of clowns and this can make for a difficult party at times. Magician Eddy Ray specializes in just magic. He dresses classy and nice, and the kids can relate to him very easily which allows them to open up and interact throughout the entire show. Eddy Ray will have them amazed, smiling, and laughing during his entire magic show! Wouldn’t you rather have a room full of kids laughing and in amazement then bored or upset because of a clown who might come off as scary?
4) When hiring, it’s important to plan ahead for your party or event. Eddy Ray performs over 25 shows a month. Available dates and times do get booked up weeks or more in advance. The most important things such as party location/date and entertainment should be the first priorty when planning it. This way all the major factors for a successful and fun party are in place. Even if you think it’s last minute, contact Eddy Ray. He may have an opening for your party or event.
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