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Bethlehem Magicians – Which One Is Best?

Hire A Full Time, Experienced Pro Like Eddy Ray. He Knows How To Make Your Party Memorable, Guaranteed!!!

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“Your participation in our Annual Sixth Grade Medieval Fairwell is greatly appreciated. Thank you for entertaining our students with your special talents.”- GMIS PTO5stars

“Made audience laugh, personality was good! Audience participation was great. Everyone commented that they enjoyed your presentation.”- Marcia Mengel – Atlantic Energy Concepts5stars

“Eddy was extremely professional with how he handled everything from the first phone call to the follow up call all the way to the mailing he sent after the great performance. The kids loved the magic show and the adults enjoyed his magic and humor.”- The Owens Family – 5stars




What To Ask Magicians in Bethlehem PA Upon Hiring

Article of Quick Tips for Hiring

  • When hiring a magician, make sure to ask for some testimonials/quotes from previous clients they have done performances for. This information is crucial when trying to find someone who has the experience to make your event a success. To many entertainer just perform magic as a hobby and don’t have the professionalism or talent necessary in puting on a fantastic show. Testimonials will easily distinquish amateurs from professionals. If they don’t have testimonials, move on!
  • Ask the person how long they’ve been performing and in business. There are some magicians who could just have started in the magic industry and not know enough to be make your event successful. Experience is key as without it you are bascially hiring someone who may not meed your needs. If the magician cannot provide solid and detailed information and they haven’t been performing long, how can you trust them to do a good job?
  • Make sure to look for a proven track record with hiring a magician in Bethlehem for a kids party or any event for that matter. The information above sounds simple, but it’s important to ask first rather then being sorry later by hiring the wrong person for your event. Also, does the magician offer a show that will appeal to the age of your guests? People often forget this point and you don’t want to end up hiring someone who does a strictly adult show which may be abrassive or inappropriate!!
  • Certification. Eddy Ray is the only certified magician in the area. This means Eddy provides the most professional service, value, and memorable magic show packages around.This certification is only received through very strict criteria. Some of the criteria for certification includes interivews with past clients, experience, and talent. Remember, not all magicians are alike. Try to find the most qualified magician for your event. This will relieve any stresses down the road.
  • After you are successful in finding the right choice for you, make instant contact! Call, email, or contact the magician to see if they are available. A full time pro like Eddy usually books in advance, so don’t wait around!
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