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#1 Ranked Doylestown, PA Magician Eddy Ray – The Reviews Are In!

Here Are 2 Reasons Why This Magician in Doylestown, PA is a full time professional magician!

“Hi Eddy, I would like to thank you for your service at Ryan’s birthday party on May 1st. He had a Great time along with all the other children. You brought joy to my son. You were well organized and gave a great presentation for everyone. Definitely will recommend you and keep you in mind for the future. Thanks again.”

-Jeff Toth5stars

“Hi Eddy Ray, I just wanted to thank you for a great show on Sunday! I asked Koen what his favorite part of the party was and he said the magician! The children all had such a great time, as well as the parents! Thank you again!”

– Danielle5stars




Hiring Tips – What To Ask Doylestown Magicians Before Hiring

Hiring a magician in Doylestown PA like Eddy Ray will allow you the ability to relax while your guests enjoy a memorable and exciting magic show. Eddy Ray performs his magic shows all over the area for kids and adults so he can entertain at virtually any type of event. Eddy’s magic shows bring out the fun and imagination in everyone and people talk about his magic well after the event has concluded.

Most magicians locally are amateurs and don’t perform professional magic shows. This is ok but if you are looking to make that impression on your guests, or give your child memories they will never forget, it is really imporant to hire a professional. A professional will know exactly what it takes regarding giving your event the best magical entertainment experience possible.

Hiring a professional magician Eddy Ray has tons of benefits. He offers a full 100% satisfaction guarantee for every magic show. This proves that Eddy is confident and offers the best service around. How can you go wrong? Eddy puts his talents to work right away by tailoring his magic show to fit your event.

A large percentage of magicians don’t perform family friendly magic shows. So please make sure the magician you are interested in has the flexibility to perform for kids and adults. Eddy has been entertaining family audiences for over 10 years. Magicians should provide you with the necessary information when you inquire about their services. Make sure to ask the magician for a full list of testimonials. You can usually tell which performer is a pro by taking a look at the info on their websites. If you don’t see any sort of testimonial or simliar worthy information, it’s probably best to skip and move on.

Eddy has specific detailed info on his official magic website that lists client testimonials and even a listing of companies and other organizations he has performed for. Many of these clients have Eddy back on a regular basis proving his magic entertainment really helps make a party or special event stand-out!

With Eddy Ray’s experience, comes the ability to create unique shows for all sorts of events. Even when a client hires Eddy over and over, he can interchange the magic so people who may have seen him before get a new magical experience. Of course Eddy gets requests for many tricks that they have seen him perform, so he has no problem showing a trick or two twice.. but with Eddy’s magical ability, he can think on his feet and make every magic experience seems new. No other performer in the area has the experience to do something like this.

Eddy Ray is a certfied magician in Doylestown and offers professional magic shows, great service, affordability, and personal service. Contact him today and he can provide free information and a price quote for your event including answering any questions you may have. Even if your event is a year out, or only a week away… contact Eddy today.

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