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Hire Only The Best Magicians in Hershey, PA – Eddy Ray

Quick review from a client of the best magician in Hershey, PA!

Event: Husbands Birthday Party ( Family Magic Show)

“Dear Eddy-  just a quick follow up to tell you how impressed we all were with you and your show.  Your professionalism in doing the booking, through the follow up call, arrival right on time and everything you promised to do in your contract were all STELLAR!  My husband was a 9 yr. old again and we are so grateful to you for coming out for this special day.”

– Carol –5stars




Hershey Pennsylvania Magicians – Tips For Hiring The Best

It’s important that you ask some direct questions, this will save you time and stress down the road for you and your event.

The first important question to ask the magician in Hershey is if they have testimonials you can review from clients. Testimonials should help make your decision process much easier. Believe it or not, some magicians can’t provide this necessary information. Don’t be fooled.

The second important question to ask is if they provide different party packages and length of programs.. in other words, can they perform entertainment that will fit YOUR event. The more choices you have, the better you’ll find something to suit your event needs. Some magicians in the area only offer one show, so how can you be sure this show will work for you?

Magicians in Hershey vary , some perform as a hobby, others do shows in spare time, and a small percentage actually perform full time for a living. Think about this important point when making a decision. Would you rather hire a hobbyist or part-timer who might do a good job, or would you feel more comfortable hiring a full time professional who can help make your event memorable, and guarantee his or her work?

Eddy Ray, a Hershey Magician performs full time for children and families. This alone says that he is a professional; otherwise he wouldn’t last in the business. A lot of the time you’ll see magicians pop up and then literally disappear.. but why? Some aren’t good performing for children and others just don’t have time because they have a full time job in another profession.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you in the process of hiring a professional magician!

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