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Hiring Tips: These hiring tips for magicians in Pennsylvania were compiled by J.S. for publishing on www.reviewsforyouandme.com and www.pennsylvaniamagiciansreviewed.com .

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Hiring Tips – What To Ask The Potential Magician

Compiled From – Magicians Here, Magicians There.. Who to Hire?

  • Ask how long they’ve been performing and also if they perform full time professionally or as a hobby.

If the magician has only been performing for a couple years you may want to continue your search. Two years experience or less in any profession does not make the magician qualified enough to give you peace of mind and a quality show.

If the magician does not perform professionally full time ask why. Entertainment isn’t the easiest profession to be in, but when you find someone who performs for a living they have to be doing something right, otherwise they wouldn’t be in business. Think about every other time you hire someone to do work on your car or your home. Are you going to hire a person who may or may not do a good job? Will you hire a person who may or may not show? Will you hire a person who doesn’t have their mind set fully on giving you the best service?

By hiring a professional magician you should feel relaxed knowning that you are going to get professional service and a great show.

  • Ask the magician for references and testimonials

This should go without saying but it is very important that you ask for testimonials or some sort of client list from the magician. This will give you valueable information on what others think of their services and places or people they’ve worked for.

If the magician cannot provide the sufficient information it is suggested to continue your search as the magician most likely is inexperienced and unprofessional.

  • Does the magician offer you magic packages or options? Does he guarantee his services?

When our family was in search of a magician we came across a few that only offered one type of magic show and they didn’t offer any kind of customer guarantee. This made us feel uncomrtable because we didn’t know if he would be the right fit for our family events.

Even if it takes you a bit longer when searching, find someone who offers choices and fully guarantees their show. This way it really is a win win situation.

By getting the answers to those questions you can make an informed intelligent decision. Again, if you just want any entertainer with a low-quality service there are plenty of them.


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